What we do


What we provide

A friendly environment where you can discuss about OKCash, our projects and our vision. If you want to get involve or keep an eye on our project and the community itself, it can be done in the confort of your own home on our discord channel.


Why trade with us

We are here to help individuals to trade OK more easily by trading directly in person or with live online trading, instead of having to deal with buying Bitcoin, use exchanges and pay many fees in the process.

How to trade

To have a quote on buying OKCash, visite our buying page, where you can convert your CAD for OK and vise versa.

To have a quote on selling us OKCash, go on our selling page, where you can convert your OK in CAD and vise versa.

For a limited time, the selling service will be limited due to low cash funds

If someone is available on the live chat box, have a chat with him and you will be able to finalise your transaction if available. In the eventuallity that no one answers in the chat box, send an email with your information and availability so that we can setup a time for the transaction.