ROKOS, of its fullname "Raspberry OKCash Operating System", is an IoT OS for all your Cryptocurrency needs. It allows to have a Bitcoin and/or OKCash full-node on an energy efficient device. ROKOS have a good live support on our discord channel and a short text-based tutorial on our forum for beginners and advanced users.

ROKOS, with the use of IoT devices such as Raspberry Pi and PINE64+, is the perfect OS for any PoS currencies and any Cryptocurrency in general. We all know how annoying it is to open our wallet after a night closed, or after a weekend away and having to wait for it to sync with the blockchain, or simply use a fullsize PC for staking your PoS currencies. ROKOS allows you to have an OS ready for every Crypto you could throw at it while consuming a minimum energy. You can download ROKOS Core here.


OKMap is the place where people will be able to find all different kinds of businesses accepting OKCash as payment. The goal is to give the community a simple possibility to find all OKCash friendly businesses and ofcourse, also give these businesses the chance to make their product and services available to a completely new range of costumers. So both sides will benefit here.

OKMap will be one major pillar of the OKCash ecosystem. It will work hand in hand with the OKCash distribution possibilites given with localcrypto. The goal is to create a perfect cycle containing the easy way to get your hands on some OKCash and the possibilities to spend them for the things you need.


MyGeoMall is an auction platform using cryptocurrencies such as OKCash and Bitcoin, which are both mandatory when listing a product, as form of payments. You can list your product to up to 30 days and make a minimum selling price, and a instant buy price. If you don't want people to bid on your product(s), you can choose to make it a "Buy Now Only" product.

MyGeoMall aims to be the eBay of the cryptocurrency world but fair to both parties not just Buyers. As we grow, more cryptocurrencies will be accepted on the platform, which will increase the ease for everyone to use and adopt cryptocurrencies. If you have something that you want to get ride of, instead of using eBay or another similar platform, think about MyGeoMall. The platform also allows you to offer your services (Technical Programming, House repairs, Other) and get paid in Crypto. It's free for everyone to use and made by the OKCash community member AU_AG.