We are the face of OKCash, Canadian community leader


    Helping individuals to understand Cryptocurrency and how it changes the world.
    Bring awarness about OKCash and how quick and easy it is to use, while encouraging the use of Bitcoin.

OKCash is a new Cryptocurrency that got released in November 2014. Since the start, OK has shown a unique interest in the end user and tried to make the coin accessible and easy to use for the community.

OK complements BTC, with its speed and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system which makes it a day to day currency and also works as an earning system.

We are the nerds, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the crazy ones enough to believe we can do so with our passion. Decentralize everything and Empower Everyone.

- Oktoshi, creator of OKCash and ROKOS

What we do

We provide every individuals the information they need to start receiving and accepting OKCash. We give advice, tools, and the support anyone could ever need.


We provide informations and tips about OKCash.


We trade OKCash directly, which means there is no need to buy Bitcoins and buy OK on an exchange.

ROKOS, Cryptocurrency full-node OS

ROKOS is a Raspberry Pi, PINE64+ and other IoT device OS. The main purpose of ROKOS is to help you to connect to any blockchain at very low electricity cost.


Also known as OK Map, it is where you can find every business that accepts as form of payment.

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